10th Grade Homeschool Plan

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In 10th grade, we shift our focus from more recent US history (1700-present) back to earlier world history. We’ll use Church History in Plain Language as our major source, and add various real books appropriate for each historical period. Here are the real books and the approximate historical periods they cover:

Apostle, a Life of Paul by John Pollock – 1st century

Augustine of Hippo by Peter Brown – 300-400AD

Confessions by St. Augustine – 300-400AD

St. Francis by G. K. Chesterton – 1100AD

St. Thomas by G. K. Chesterton – 1200AD

Inferno by Dante 1300 AD

And reading throughout: History of Art for Young People

Other subjects:
Saxon Advanced Mathematics (pre-calculus)

Bob Jones Geography

Abeka Economics: Work and Prosperity

Beginning around age 16, intelligent students will enjoy the engaging history lectures from The Teaching Company. 12 different series are available on DVD or CD covering the foundations of western civilization, through Greece, Rome, the Middle Ages, right through to the United States and World War II. Your local library likely has some of these.