11th Grade Homeschool Plan

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In 11th grade, we shift our focus from ancient/world history studied in 10th grade, back to more recent history (1700-present) and focus predominately on the United States and its role worldwide.

We continue with Saxon Advanced Math, pausing for a couple months here and there to focus on Physics. Classical physics is heavy on math so fulfills both math and science for the year. Studying real world physical phenomenon such as gravity, friction, velocity, etc. helps the maturing student begin to see the usefulness of higher math. Technically minded students will then be encouraged to go further in math, to calculus and beyond.

Knowing God by J.I Packer is a wonderful guide to theology for the secondary student and maturing young adult. We’ll finish out the poetry study of Roar on the Other Side begun last year. Finally, art history is again a focus for the year.

Here are all the books for the year:

Roots of American Order by Russell Kirk

History of The American People by Paul Johnson

Modern Times by Paul Johnson

Knowing God by J.I. Packer

Roar on the Other Side

Saxon Advanced Mathematics

Physics The Easy Way

History of Art for Young People

At age 16 and up, intelligent students will enjoy the engaging history lectures from The Teaching Company. 12 different series are available on CD and DVD covering the foundations of western civilization, through Greece, Rome, the Middle Ages, right through to the United States and World War II. Your local library may have several of these.