Dad, You’re the Key

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While this site is for everyone, the main focus is on fathers – how they can provide for their families in all areas. Food and shelter are the basics but so much more is required. Most important are a father's training, discipling, and leading by example. Again, the site does have a major homeschooling emphasis. This is in hopes of helping dads not only assist with the homeschooling of their children, not only to support a godly homeschooling mom, but to help dad be the involved homeschool servant-leader. He leads the family in all areas. If homeschooling is learning and learning is discipleship, then dad must be the chief discipler.

Many fathers have heard this before and genuinely want to take that family leadership role. But they could use help putting these intentions into practice. We hope this site will do this. It's not a "paint by numbers" guide to family leadership, but hopefully more helpful than a general call for dad to "do better". We try to be specific about what others have done and the successes and failures encountered. Not to pound the table that "you must do it this way!" but to give practical ideas that can be implemented quickly.

A busy, overwhelmed dad might use some of the ideas and tools on this site to start digging out. Homeschool and family devotion tools and guides are provided – a few now with others in the works – soon to be followed by other helpful tools for managing finances, fulfulling your life's vocation, loving your wife, understanding the times in which we live, and so on. These tools are not isolated tips and tricks for short term results, but are geared toward an integrated life of fruitfulness and blessing, a life of finding every good path the Lord places before us.

No father has mastered all aspects of godly parenting, so we invite you to share your experiences by commenting on articles or forum topics. Together, we can help young fathers make a good start, sustain one another in difficulty, and celebrate successes along the way.

One of the greatest challenges can be the middle school years which test a family's commitment to godly principles. Many families who have begun well may hesitate to continue their course. Working through the issues will yield a tremendous harvest from the works planted in your family's earlier years. We hope this site can encourage such dads and families to see it through to the abundant harvest – to not turn away from the work and thereby leave your family to wilt and suffer defeat from external forces.

We hope to encourage young dads to start their families well. A good start requires confidence that a family will be able to stay on track as children age and mature. We want these young fathers to know that the midcourse and later years are a blessing and that the family's vigor can increase as children grow. There's no reason to fear that children will necessarily weaken and fall in their teen and young adult years. Solid, wise preparation is required, but fear and doubt have no place. Families can and will be strong in the Lord as dad is faithful to lead and care for them. New fathers can be confident that their new good work will be continued to the very end with the Lord granting daily strength and vision.