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Home Schooling. When folks hear this idea for the very first time, disbelief is the usual response. After the shock wears off, curiosity returns which is quickly shoved aside by terror. The parent contemplates what is at stake and what is required to educate another human being from the virtual ignorance of a 5 year old to the complete self-sufficiency and wisdom required of a young adult.

Considering or Just Starting Homeschooling?
If you are in these initial stages disbelieving, shocked, curious, and/or terrified, we invite you to spend some time on this site. Consider what is at stake and how God has uniquely equipped you, the parent, to be the best teacher your child could ever have. We hope you’ll get a glimpse of the glories and challenges of homeschooling by hearing about longtime homeschoolers on this site. If you’re interested in learning more about where to begin, we have a special page just for you.

Midstream Homeschool
If you have home schooled your child during the early years, that initial shock has given way to joy and delight (along with inevitable frustration) as you and your child have enjoyed learning together. However, if your child is approaching the sometimes dreaded “middle school” or “junior high” years, those old friends Shock and Terror may be inviting themselves over for a visit. Relax. While parents of institutionally schooled children rightly dread the onset of “adolescence” and fear the teen years, you are about to reap a grand harvest that was planted during those early ages of 5, 6, and 7. Don’t fear and certainly don’t panic and drop out of home education due to fear of the middle school transition that is ahead. This site is for you.

These are successful, real education plans and ideas that have been actually taught. The parent and children have not just survived – we have thrived. Use what is helpful to you. You may just need a new idea or two. Or you may not know where to begin and would like a complete list of resources and help with daily schedules. We encourage you to take what you need. And leave us your good ideas. Submit your comments on any of the pages. Contact us with your ideas. Register and add a Review of something that has helped you. As this site emphasizes, we are all in a lifetime of learning. So learn what you can and teach what you know.

If you read just two books on homeschooling (besides the Bible), we recommend: