Christmas Devotional Readings

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Here are Bible readings our family enjoys during the Christmas season. They begin with prophecies about Jesus, continue with the story of his birth, and finish with a glorious description of the kingdom of God that Jesus brought to His people.

Jeremiah 31:27-37
Isaiah 9:1-7
Isaiah 40:1-5
Isaiah 40:6-11
Isaiah 40:12-26
Isaiah 40:27-31
Isaiah 42:1-9
Isaiah 52:7-10
Isaiah 55:1-13
Isaiah 60:1-9
Luke 1:1-25
Luke 1:26-38
Luke 1:39-56
Luke 1:57-80
Luke 2:1-7
Luke 2:8-20
Luke 2:21-40
Matthew 2:1-12
John 1:1-18
Psalm 145:1-9
Psalm 145:10-21

These are suitable for one reading per devotional or you can combine several, especially those from the same chapter. Merry Christmas!