Catechism and Family Devotions

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Generations have enjoyed learning Biblical truths with various catechisms. The Children’s Catechism is simple enough for the very young, yet contains the most profound truths of the Christian faith. Other biblically sound Christian catechisms are the Westminster Catechism, Baptist Catechism, Heidelberg Catechism, and Luther’s Small Catechism

Here are more suggestions for rich, daily times together as a family, from our Family Devotion Ideas.

Catechism Studies
It’s helpful at various times throughout the year to spend a week or two looking at the catechisms or creeds. This helps draw together various biblical truths. Two books are particularly excellent resources for your family. The first is highly recommended. Training Hearts, Teaching Minds provides a 5 day study for each of the 107 questions of the Shorter Catechism There is one or more scripture readings for each day and a paragraph or two of discussion. You can do several passages at once, not having to wait 5 days for each question. Really a splendid resource. Small Talks on Big Questions considers several questions from the Childrens Catechism in each section. A scripture passage is paraphrased and a story is told of a historical event or person that illustrates the truth of the catechism questions considered. Not as complete theologically as Training Hearts, Teaching Minds but effective for children who love great stories. This TableTalk magazine article expresses the value and importance of teaching the Shorter Catechism in church and home.

The Reformation Study Bible is convenient for Dad to answer simple questions during the family’s devotionals. It’s in the English Standard Version which is a readable and highly accurate word-for-word translation. Also recommended are inexpensive copies of the ESV ($5 each, brand new) so each family member can follow along and take turns reading. The Bible Atlas is recommended to show the context of various passages.

Children’s Bible Stories
Bedtime Bible Story Book covers the whole Bible in 365 single page stories. Great for very young children. The Child’s Story Bible is similar but the stories are longer, making this more suited to ages 4-8. These books can be read in addition to actual Bible passages. You should not rely on these extensively for your devotion as they are abridged stories based on the Bible and not the Word of God itself.

Proverbs/Character Topics
Proverbs for Parenting arranges verses in Proverbs according to topic such as Obedience, Envy, Self-Control, Love, Friendship, Mercy, etc. A helpful resource for any Christian that can be used to focus on various areas during your family studies. Wise Words is a collection of 18 original stories. Each is like a fable that has a moral based on a principle from Proverbs. Some of the stories have more mature subject matter and are suitable for children ages 10 and up. Our 24 Family Ways stresses character, relationship, and attitude topics.

Another idea is to add a catechism to your blog with popular, easy-to-use web page widgets:

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