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Haiku Poetry Widget

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Haiku poetry commonly consists of 17 sounds or syllables arranged in three lines – five syllables in the first line, seven in the second, and five in the final line. Display submitted haikus on your website or blog with this widget – you and your site’s visitors can also submit your own for display in this same widget! To add… Read more »

Composer Quotes Widget

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Display quotes from famous composers on your website or blog with this widget. Simply select and copy the code shown. Now edit your site’s html and ‘paste’ the selected code where you want the quotes to appear. Save your html and reload your site’s page to see the widget. Every Good Path A new quote is selected at random each… Read more »

Music History and Appreciation

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Everyone should understand music. Not that everyone is called to be a musician, but understanding the basic structure of music and its place in history and society is crucial. By age 14-16, your students should understand enough history and culture to be able to appreciate the importance of music throughout the ages. Or, if you’re a middle-aged adult like me,… Read more »