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Van Til’s Apologetic – Highlights and Summary

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In Van Til’s Apologetic, Greg Bahnsen seeks to distill Cornelius Van Til’s lifetime of defending biblical Christianity into a mere 700 pages or so. The apologetic method can be difficult to comprehend on first exposure. However, after wrestling with it a few chapters it becomes clear that the method is not complex but all too simple. So simple that some… Read more »

Loving to Know by Esther Lightcap Meek – Review

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Esther Lightcap Meek challenges the ‘default’ way of knowing common to western civilization since the dawn of the Enlightenment. This default, attributed chiefly to Descartes, seeks knowledge by reasoning through various facts using laws of logic to reach conclusions that are ‘certain’. Meek shows how this is all wrong. She’s not a relativist. She maintains there is absolute truth but… Read more »

Introductory Logic – DVD/Textbook course

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This program of video classroom lessons combined with the student textbook and answer key is a complete introduction to “formal” logic study.  It is essential that students are introduced to the formal principles of reasoning in the middle or early-high school years.  Though Logic is not created but is discovered, and is therefore intuitive in some sense, it is critical… Read more »

Thinking Toolbox

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Another great book by the Bluedorn brothers.  This book, though not a sequel to Fallacy Detective, should be studied after Fallacy Detective, and preferably after a more formal introductory logic program.  Each of the 35 lessons can be done in a single sitting, making this a perfect resource for your middle schooler.  Answers to all exercises are included in the book,… Read more »

Fallacy Detective

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This is a perfect introduction into “Logic” study – the very idea of which seems daunting to many parents.  The Bluedorns have a friendly, humourous, yet rigorous and complete way of gently starting your emerging young adult along the road of formal thinking.  This book should be read and studied before any formal logic course is attempted.  It will help… Read more »

Exploring Creation with General Science

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Exploring Creation with General Science from Apologia is well suited for grades 7-9.  The text is comprised of 16 modules (or chapters) averaging 20 pages of text, with a Study Guide at the end of each module.  Every few pages in each module an “On Your Own” (OYO) section with several questions is provided.  There are also several experiments in each module.  All… Read more »

No God, No Science by Michael Hanby – Review

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(This is a copy of my my review at Amazon) You can know “what” without knowing “how”, but you can’t know “how” without knowing “what” – my short summary of this wonderful book. Modern science seeks to study complex things by isolating parts and assessing the various interactions between them. The book masterfully demonstrates that such a technique cannot be… Read more »

Scripture, Culture, and Agriculture – Review

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Anyone who has read the Bible even a little can’t miss the many references to farming, livestock, and landscape. After all, Adam and Eve lived in a garden, their downfall involved eating fruit, and Adam’s body itself was mere soil into which God breathed. And that’s from just the first few chapters. Until recently I tacitly assumed God based so… Read more »

Freedom Through Restoration of Property – Review

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Hilaire Belloc and G.K. Chesterton were the primary champions of Distributism, an economic system neither Capitalistic nor Communistic seeking widespread ownership of property as the chief means to household freedom. Chesterton’s chief work on the topic, Outline of Sanity, points out the troubles of industrialism and describes life under a Distributist scheme. Chesterton’s work does little to explain how such… Read more »

Give Them Grace – Book Review

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I received my review copy of this book almost a year ago. I read it immediately but knew I would have to re-read and takes notes before I could write a review. A couple months passed and as I re-read the book, it was as if I had never read it. Give Them Grace is such an unusual parenting book…. Read more »