Family Devotion – Topic Studies

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With regular Bible reading as the centerpiece, other resources can be used to draw together Biblical ideas. Study topics in Proverbs such as ‘money’, ‘anger’, or ‘joy’. Or take a few days to cover specific issues your family may be facing such as ‘vocation’ when changing jobs, ‘baptism‘ when someone in the family first understands and embraces the gospel, or ‘marriage’ as older children are preparing to begin their own families. Overcoming worry is another important topic.

Read together a biography of a missionary or others impacted by scripture or focus on catechism reading and study for a few weeks. For younger children, it may be helpful to mix in a version of a Biblical passage from a children’s story bible along with your reading from an accurate, literal translation. Since story bibles are paraphrases and usually omit long passages of scripture, they should not be used extensively.

One guide that we have enjoyed is Proverbs for Parenting which arranges verses in Proverbs according to topics such as Obedience, Envy, Self-Control, Love, Friendship, Mercy, etc. This is helpful in a personal study and benefit a family coming together to learn God’s wisdom on many various characteristics and behaviors.

Our family also enjoys Our 24 Family Ways from WholeHeart ministries. There are 4 “ways” for each of 6 different areas of Authorities, Relationships, Possessions, Work, Attitudes. and Choices, for 24 “ways”. Each of the “ways” is taught with 5 different scripture passages. Each passage can be read and discussed each day, so it would take about 24 weeks to complete the study. Our family has done this multiple times. There are questions and discussion ideas for each day. We’ve used this as a short study to start the day during or after breakfast and ended the day with our regular devotional of scripture, prayer, and memorization. Our 24 Family Ways is a great tool your family will thrive on!

Though a study of the book of Revelation may sound daunting, we’ve enjoyed Triumph of the Lamb by Dennis Johnson. Surprisingly easy to read, the book will instruct and encourage your family how to live in the midst of perilous times, while God works to make the full triumph of Jesus evident to the whole world.